Technical Sessions


Monday, January 9th

Wireless Communications: MAC and Cross-Layer Design (I)

10:00-12:00, Room Reno, Session Chair: Mevlut Turker Garip

  • "A Cooperative Channel Control Method of ZigBee and WiFi for IoT Services", Shu Nishikori; Kazuhiko Kinoshita; Yosuke Tanigawa; Hideki Tode; Takashi Watanabe
  • "An Adaptive Energy Detection Scheme Using EMD for Spectrum Sensing", Mahdi Al-Badrawi; Amr Nasr; Bassam Al-Jewad; Nicholas J. Kirsch
  • "Analysis of Inversely Proportional Carrier Sense Threshold and Transmission Power Setting",Koji Yamamoto; Xuedan Yang; Takayuki Nishio; Masahiro Morikura; Hirantha Abeysekera
  • "EC-MRPL: An energy-efficient and mobility support routing protocol for Internet of Mobile Things",Maha Bouaziz; Abderrezak Rachedi; Abdelfettah Belghith

Wireless Communications: MAC and Cross-Layer Design (II)

14:00-15:30, Room Reno, Session Chair: Yao Ma

  • "MAC-Layer Coexistence Analysis of LTE and WLAN Systems Via Listen-Before-Talk", Yao Ma; Daniel Kuester
  • "Partnership and Data Forwarding Model for Data Acquisition in UAV-aided Sensor Networks", Sotheara Say; Hikari Inata; Mohamad Erick Ernawan; Zhenni Pan; Jiang Liu; Shigeru Shimamoto
  • "Real Time Detection of MAC Layer DoS Attacks in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks",Mallesham Dasari
  • "Reliable Video Multicast Based on AL-FEC and H.264/AVC Video Traffic Characteristics",Hyun Seob Oh; Jung Gwon Shin; Wha Sook Jeon; Dong Geun Jeong

Wireless Communications: MAC and Cross-Layer Design (III)

16:00-18:00, Room Reno, Session Chair: Danda B. Rawat

  • "Scalable MAC Protocol For D2D Communication For Future 5G Networks", Bushra Ismaiel; Mehran Abolhasan; David B Smith; Wei Ni; Daniel R Franklin
  • "Starvation Mitigation for Dense WLANs through Distributed Channel Selection: Potential Game Approach", Bo Yin; Shotaro Kamiya; Koji Yamamoto; Takayuki Nishio; Masahiro Morikura; Hirantha Abeysekera
  • "TTL-based Efficient Forwarding for the Backhaul tier in Nanonetworks", Hang Yu; Bryan Ng; Winston K.G. Seah; Ying Qu
  • "iDFR: Intelligent Directional Flooding-Based Routing Protocols for Underwater Sensor Networks", Syed Hassan Ahmed; Sungwon Lee; Junhwan Park; Dongkyun Kim; Danda B. Rawat

Vehicular Communications and Applications in Water, Land and Sky

10:00-12:00, Room Laughlin I, Session Chair: Alan Kaplan

  • "A methodology for measuring UAV-to-UAV communications performance", Francisco Fabra; Carlos T. Calafate; Juan-Carlos Cano; Pietro Manzoni
  • "Analysis of Directional Antenna for Railroad Crossing Safety Applications", Xiaofu Ma; Sayantan Guha; Junsung Choi; Christopher R. Anderson; Randall Nealy; Jared Withers; Jeffrey Reed; Carl B. Dietrich
  • "CUSCUS: An integrated simulation architecture for Distributed Networked Control Systems", Nicola Roberto Zema; Angelo Trotta; Guillaume Sanahuja; Enrico Natalizio; Marco Di Felice; Luciano Bononi
  • "Decoupled U/C Plane Architecture for HetNets and High Speed Mobility: Research Directions & Challenges", Subharthi Banerjee; Michael Hempel; Hamid Sharif
  • "Optimized Spatial CSMA for VANETs: A Comparative Study using a Simple Stochastic Model and Simulation Results", Younes Bouchaala; Paul Muhlethaler; Oyunchimeg Shagdar; Nadjib Achir
  • "SafeRNet: Safe Transportation Routing in the era of Internet of Vehicles and Mobile Crowd Sensing", Qun Liu; Suman Kumar; Vijay Mago

Special Session: Ubiquitous UAVs on the Way: Communications & Networking Challenges

14:00-15:30, Room Laughlin I, Session Chair: Nicola Zema

  • "Opportunistic Communications in WSN Using UAV", Xiaoyan MA; Simona Chisiu; Rahim Kacimi; Riadh Dhaou
  • "Time and Frequency Dispersion Characteristics of the UAS Wireless Channel in Residential and Mountainous Desert Terrains", Richard M Gutierrez; Daniel W. Bliss; Hanguang Yu; Yu Rong
  • "A Programmable SDN+NFV-based Architecture for UAV Telemetry Monitoring", Kyle J. S. White; Ewen Denney; Matt Knudson; Angelos K. Marnerides; Dimitrios P Pezaros
  • "Control Integrated Query Processing System for Coordination of Multiple UAVs", Sangwoo Shim; Taehun Kim; Soon Joo Hyun

Sensing, Smart Spaces and IoT: Applications and QoE (I)

10:00-12:00, Room Laughlin II, Session Chair: Silvia Mirri

  • "A Multi-Group Signature Scheme for Local Broadcasting", Kenta Nomura; Masami Mohri; Yoshiaki Shiraishi; Masakatu Morii
  • "A New WSN Deployment Approach for Air Pollution Monitoring", Ahmed Boubrima; Walid Bechkit; Herve Rivano
  • "An Approach for Precise, Scalable, and Platform Independent Clock Synchronization", Henning Puttnies; Peter Danielis; Dirk Timmermann
  • "CoAP for Content-Centric Networks", Sridhar Srinivasasubramanian; Joseph Pasquale; George C. Polyzos
  • "Conditional Subscription and Notification in Information Centric Networks", Lijun Dong; Guoqiang Wang

Sensing, Smart Spaces and IoT: Applications and QoE (II)

14:00-15:30, Room Laughlin II, Session Chair: Simon Hayhoe

  • "Cryptographic Key Generation Using ECG Signal", Sanaz Rahimi Moosavi; Ethiopia Nigussie; Seppo Virtanen; Jouni Isoaho
  • "Distributed Discussion Diarisation", Pascal Bissig; Klaus-Tycho Foerster; Simon Tanner; Roger Wattenhofer
  • "Towards Still Image Experience Predictions in Augmented Vision Settings", Brian Bauman; Patrick Seeling
  • "Economic analysis of a centralized brokering platform for wireless sensor data", Luis Guijarro; Maurizio Naldi; Vicent Pla; Jose Ramon Vidal
  • "Economic Viability of HTC and MTC Service Provision on a Common Network Infrastructure", Angel Sanchis-Cano; Luis Guijarro; Vicent Pla; Jose Ramon Vidal

Sensing, Smart Spaces and IoT: Applications and QoE (III)

16:00-18:00, Room Laughlin II, Session Chair: Alan Kaplan

  • "Evaluating the Use of TLS and DTLS Protocols in IoT Middleware Systems Applied to E-health", Ramão Tiago Tiburski; Leonardo Albernaz Amaral; Everton de Matos; Fabiano Hessel; Dario de Azevedo
  • "From Threads to Events: Adapting a Lightweight Middleware for Contiki OS", Uzair Noman; Behailu Negash; Amir M. Rahmani; Pasi Liljeberg; Hannu Tenhunen
  • "Interaction Based Routing Algorithm for Opportunistic Mobile Social Networks", Ying Li; Radim Bartos
  • "Pulse Position Coded PDUs: A New Approach to Networking Energy Economy", Dezhi Feng; Faezeh Hajiaghajani; Saptarshi Das; Subir Biswas
  • "Sensorian Hub: An IFTTT-based Platform for Collecting and Processing Sensor Data", Qusay Mahmoud; Dylan Kauling

Special Session: Green Consumer Communications and Networking

10:00-12:00, Room Laughlin III, Session Chair: Dongkyun Kim

  • "Automatic 2.4GHz Communication Standard Recognition Based on Ultra-Low Power Receivers", Matthias Kuba; Janina Ziller; Tobias Dräger; Heinrich Milosiu; Alexander Jaschke; Hans Adel
  • "A Game Theory Based Power Control Algorithm for Future MTC NOMA Networks", Kang Kang; Zhenni Pan; Jiang Liu; Shigeru Shimamoto
  • "Energy-efficient Traffic Allocation in SDN-based Backhaul Networks: Theory and Implementation", Senay Semu Tadesse; Claudio E. Casetti; Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini; Giada Landi
  • "An Energy Efficient Resource Management and Planning System for 5G Networks", Md Munjure Mowla; Iftekhar Ahmad; Daryoush Habibi; Quoc Viet Phung

Special Session: Cyber-physical systems

14:00-15:30, Room Laughlin III, Session Chair: Thorsten Herfet

  • "Outlier Rejection for Networked Control Systems based on Middleware", Woo-Hyun Ko; P R Kumar
  • "On Data Integrity Attacks against Route Guidance in Transportation-based Cyber-Physical Systems", Jie Lin; Wei Yu; Nan Zhang; Xinyu Yang; Linqiang Ge
  • "Product Authentication Using Hash Chains and Printed QR Codes", Harshith Keni; Montana Earle; Manki Min
  • "Modeling and verification of temporal properties in Cyber-Physical Systems", Imen Graja; Slim Kallel; Nawal Guermouche; Ahmed Hadj kacem
  • "Synchronized Audio Capture with an Array of Mobile Devices", Nick Schaafsma; Ani Nahapetian

Mini-Conference / Work-in-Progress (I)

10:00-12:00, Room Carson City I, Session Chair: Rasib Khan

  • "Ant Colony Optimisation---A solution to Efficient Anonymous Group Communication?", Tim Grube; Sascha Hauke; Jörg Daubert; Max Muehlhaeuser
  • "Creating a Secure Processing Tree for Anonymous Distributed Data Processing in the Cloud", Emmanuel Peters; Nick Maxemchuk
  • "Reliability Analysis of Trust based Federated Identity Management in InterCloud: A Graph Coloring Approach", Uthpala Premarathne
  • "An Adaptive IoT Trust Estimation Scheme Combining Interaction History and Stereotypical Reputation", Heesuk Son; Namyong Kang; Bumjin Gwak; Dongman Lee
  • "On Delivery Control for Floating Contents Sharing with Epidemic Broadcasting", Ryo Hagihara; Yasuhiro Yamasaki; Hiroyuki Ohsaki

Mini-Conference / Work-in-Progress (II)

16:00-18:00, Room Carson City I, Session Chair: Matthias Kuba

  • "Spectrally Efficient Adaptive Generalized Spatial Modulation MIMO Systems", Sikandar Afridi; Syed Ali Hassan
  • "Energy-aware Dynamic Resource Allocation in Virtual Sensor Networks", Carmen Delgado; Maria Canales; Jorge Ortín; José Ramón Gállego; Alessandro E. C. Redondi; Sonda Bousnina; Matteo Cesana
  • "Buffer-Aware Opportunistic Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks", Wenyang Cui; Ye Yao; Liang Song
  • "Multi-level Resilience in Networked Environments: Concepts \& Principles", "Muhammad Azizi Mohd Ariffin; Angelos K. Marnerides; Andreas U. Mauthe
  • "User Cooperative Mobility for QoS Improvement in Ad-hoc Network", Tianran Luo; Tutomu Murase

Mini-Conference / Work-in-Progress (III)

10:00-12:00, Room Carson City II, Session Chair: Armir Bujari

  • "On Using Cashtags to Predict Companies Stock Trends", Armir Bujari; Marco Furini; Nicolas Lainà
  • "Mobile ECG-Based Drowsiness Detection", Nipun Gupta; Dina Najeeb; Victor Gabrielian; Ani Nahapetian
  • "Autonomous and Distributed Construction of Locality Aware Skip Graph", Takahiro Toda; Yosuke Tanigawa; Hideki Tode
  • "Mobile Web Page Characteristics: Delivery and Stability Considerations", Adam Knox; Patrick Seeling
  • "Autonomous Relocation Strategies for Cells on Wheels in Public Safety Networks", Ladan Rabieekenari; Kamran Sayrafian; John S. Baras

Mini-Conference / Work-in-Progress (IV)

16:00-18:00, Room Carson City II, Session Chair: Suman Kumar

  • "Cross Layer Attacks on GSM Mobile Networks Using Software Defined Radios", Kamrul Hasan; Sachin Shetty; Taiwo Oyedare
  • "Fitness Evaluation for Channel Assignment Algorithms in IEEE 802.11 WMNs", Ying Qu; Bryan Ng; Hang Yu; Peter Andreae; Winston K.G. Seah
  • "QoS-Aware Distributed Cloud Storage Service based on Erasure Code in Multi-Cloud Environment", Wei-Tsung Su; Cheng-Yi Dai
  • "Peer provided cell-like networks built out of thin air", Andrés Arcia-Moret; Zafar Gilani; Arjuna Sathiaseelan; Jon Crowcroft
  • "Multipath TCP over Network Coding for Wireless Networks", Nadia Boukhatem; Paul-Louis Ageneau


Tuesday, January 10th

Mobile and Wireless Networks (I)

10:00-12:00, Room Reno, Session Chair: Claudio Casetti

  • "Achieving Power and Energy Efficiency in Self-Organizing Networks", Bilal Maaz; Kinda Khawam; Jad Nasreddine; Samer Lahoud; Samir Tohme
  • "Ad-hoc mobile network architecture using distributed P-GW on unlicensed bands for LTE", Kenichi Kawamura; Naoki Takaya
  • "Autonomous Off-peak Data Transfer by Passively Estimating Overall LTE Cell Load", Eiji Takahashi; Takayuki Suzuki; Takeo Onishi; Kozo Satoda
  • "CC-OffGrid: A Content-Centric Communication System in Infrastructure-less Mobile Environments", Meihong Zhu; Ying Cui; Liang Qian
  • "Energy-Efficient Lookahead Face Routing using Coverage Range in Wireless Networks", Hyunchong Cho; Sangdae Kim; Cheonyong Kim; Seungmin Oh; Sang-Ha Kim

Mobile and Wireless Networks (II)

14:00-15:30, Room Reno, Session Chair: Ismail AlQerm

  • "Experimental Work on WiGig Coverage Area Management and Beamforming Training Using Wi-Fi Fingerprint", Ehab Mahmoud Mohamed; Kei Sakaguchi; Seiichi Sampei
  • "Hybrid Cognitive Engine for Radio Systems Adaptation", Ismail AlQerm; Basem Shihada
  • "Impact of timing on the Proximity Services (ProSe) synchronization function", Samantha Gamboa; Fernando J. Cintrón; David Griffith; Richard Rouil
  • "Learning based Spectral Clustering for LTE Downlink CoMP Systems", Veronique Capdevielle; Pantelis Monogioudis; Carl Weaver; Jean-Michel Pugeat; Steve Myers

Mobile and Wireless Networks (III)

16:00-18:00, Room Reno, Session Chair: Ismail AlQerm

  • "Multicast Throughput Subject to Delay in Multi-rate Wireless Networks", Asma Ben Hassouna; Hend Koubaa; Leila Azouz Saidane
  • "Prioritized Network Coding Scheme For Multi-Layer Video Streaming", Hana Baccouch; Paul-Louis Ageneau; Nicolas Tizon; Nadia Boukhatem
  • "Real and Simulator Testbeds for Content Dissemination in High-density Large-scale WANET", Yu-Jen Lai; Youyang Ng; Takeshi Sakoda; Yosuke Bando; Arata Miyamoto; Masahiro Ishiyama; Ken-ichi Maeda; Yusuke Doi
  • "Resource Pooling via Dynamic Spectrum-level Slicing across Heterogeneous Networks", Anteneh A. Gebremariam; Mainak Chowdhury; Andrea Goldsmith; Fabrizio Granelli
  • "Uplink successful transmission probability in energy-harvesting cellular networks", Aleksandar Ichkov; Ivana Nikoloska; Zoran Hadzi-Velkov; Liljana Gavrilovska

Security, Privacy and Content Protection

10:00-12:00, Room Laughlin I, Session Chair: Rodrigo Rubira Branco

  • "A Reputation System Resilient Against Colluding and Malicious Adversaries in Mobile Participatory Sensing Applications", Hayam Mousa; Sonia Benmokhtar; Omar Hasan; Lionel Brunie; Osama Shible Youness; Mohiy M. Hadhoud
  • "An Off-the-Shelf, Low Detectability, Low Data Rate, Timing-based Covert Channel for IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks", Kevin D. Fairbanks; Owens Walker
  • "Design and Evaluation of a Novel ECU Architecture for Secure and Dependable Automotive CPS", Bikash Poudel; Arslan Munir
  • "Paillier-encrypted databases with fast aggregated queries", Nir Drucker; Shay Gueron
  • "sPECTRA: A Precise FramEwork for Analyzing CrypTographic VulneRabilities in Android Apps", Jyoti Gajrani; Meenakshi Tripathi; Vijay Laxmi; Manoj Gaur; Mauro Conti; Muttukrishnan Rajarajan
  • "Time and Place: Robustness of a Traffic Analysis Attack Against Web Traffic", Saman Feghhi; Douglas Leith

Networking solutions for Games, Multimedia, Social Good, and P2P

16:00-18:00, Room Laughlin I, Session Chair: Alan Kaplan

  • "Coalition Game for Video Content Clustering in Content Delivery Networks", Nesrine Ben Hassine; Pascale Minet; Mohammed-Amine Koulali; Mohammed Erradi; Dana Marinca; Barth Dominique
  • "Device-to-Device Commercial Content Dissemination in Social Wireless Networks", Faezeh Hajiaghajani; Subir Biswas
  • "Enabling Context-aware HTTP with Mobile Edge Hint", Peng Qian; Ning Wang; Gerry Foster; Rahim Tafazolli
  • "MS-Stream: A multiple-source adaptive streaming solution enhancing consumer's perceived quality", Joachim Bruneau-Queyreix; Mathias Lacaud; Daniel Négru; Jordi Mongay Batalla; Eugen Borcoci
  • "On Stabilizing Buffer Dynamics for Adaptive Video Streaming with a Small Buffering Delay", Yongtao Shuai; Thorsten Herfet
  • "Self-Refining Skip Graph: Skip Graph Approaching to an Ideal Topology", Takafumi Kawaguchi; Ryohei Banno; Masashi Hojo; Masaaki Ohnishi; Kazuyuki Shudo

Cloud Services and Networking

10:00-12:00, Room Laughlin II, Session Chair: Angelos K. Marnerides

  • "An Efficient Algorithm for Virtual Network Function Placement and Chaining", Oussama Soualah; Marouen Mechtri; Chaima Ghribi; Djamal Zeghlache
  • "Building an NFV-Based vRGW: lessons learned", Jorge Proença; Tiago Cruz; Paulo Simões; Gonçalo Gaspar; Bruno Parreira; Alexandre Laranjeira; Fernando Bastos
  • "Distributed Network Anomaly Detection on an Event Processing Framework", Atanas Pamukchiev; Simon Jouet; Dimitrios P Pezaros
  • "Load based automatic scaling in virtual IP based multimedia subsystem", Abdul Alvi
  • "NFV and SDN-based Cost-efficient and Agile Value-added Video Services Provisioning in Content Delivery Networks", Narjes Taghigh Jahromi; Sami Yangui; Adel Larabi; Daniel Smith; Mohammad Ali Salahuddin; Roch Glitho; Richard Brunner; Halima Elbiaze
  • "Scheduling with Task Duplication for Application Offloading", Arani Bhattacharya; Ansuman Banerjee; Pradipta De

Mobile and Wearable Devices, Services, and Applications

16:00-18:00, Room Laughlin II, Session Chair: Amir M. Rahmani

  • "Cheating-Resilient Incentive Scheme for Mobile Crowdsensing Systems", Cong Zhao; Xinyu Yang; Wei Yu; Xianghua Yao; Jie Lin; Xin Li
  • "DExaS: Delegated Experience as a Service for Mobile and Wearable Devices", Rasib Khan; Ragib Hasan
  • "Resource Utilization for Access to Web-Based Services: Browser versus Mobile Application", Hesham H Salman; Patrick Seeling
  • "Selecting the Optimal Buffer Management for Opportunistic Networks both in Pedestrian and Vehicular Contexts", Jorge Herrera-Tapia; Enrique Hernández-Orallo; Andres Tomas; Pietro Manzoni; Carlos T. Calafate; Juan-Carlos Cano
  • "Towards Designing an Intelligent Experience Sampling Method for Emotion Detection", Surjya Ghosh; Niloy Ganguly; Bivas Mitra; Pradipta De

Selected Topics in Consumer Communications and Networking (I)

14:00-15:30, Room Laughlin III, Session Chair: Katsuhiro Naito

  • "A method for updating attractor sets in noise-induced virtual network topology control", Koki Sakamoto; Toshihiko Ohba; Shin'ichi Arakawa; Masayuki Murata
  • "An Optimal Resource Allocation Algorithm for D2D Communication Underlaying Cellular Networks", Faisal Hussain; Md Yeakub Hassan; Md Sakhawat Hossen; Salimur Choudhury
  • "Distributed Scheme for Interference Mitigation of Coexisting WBANs Using Latin Rectangles", Mohamad Ali; Hassine Moungla; Mohamed Younis; Ahmed Mehaoua
  • "Energy Aware and Signal Quality Aware Data Aggregation Routing in Wireless Nanosensor Networks", Hong-Hsu Yen

Selected Topics in Consumer Communications and Networking (II)

16:00-18:00, Room Laughlin III, Session Chair: Katsuhiro Naito

  • "Hop Counts Reduction of ZigBee Nodes by Cooperating Wireless LAN in ZigBee Network", Seiya Dejima; Yosuke Tanigawa; Hideki Tode
  • "Identifying Link Layer Home Network Topologies Using HTIP", Yoshiyuki Mihara; Shuichi Miyazaki; Yasuo Okabe; Tetsuya Yamaguchi; Okamoto Manabu
  • "L-SCN: layered SCN architecture with Supernodes and Bloom Filters", Mikael Gasparyan; Torsten Ingo Braun; Eryk Schiller
  • "MPSK-CSK Constellations Design for Cascaded PLC-VLC Systems", Alain Richard Ndjiongue

Wireless Communications: Fundamentals and PHY (I)

10:00-12:00, Room Virginia City, Session Chair: Huan Nguyen

  • "A Multiple Region Reverse Frequency Allocation Scheme for Downlink Capacity Enhancement in 5G HetNets", Aneeqa Ijaz; Syed Ali Hassan; Dushantha Nalin K. Jayakody
  • "A reduced-complexity demapping algorithm for Gray-labeled PSK constellations", In Woong Kang; Hyoung-Nam Kim; Lajos Hanzo
  • "A Stochastic Geometry Approach for Analysing Secrecy Rate of Multi-Power Level CRNs", Shabnam Khomejani; Huan X Nguyen; Arumugam Nallanathan; Hamid Aghvami
  • "Design of User Selection Algorithm in Full-Duplex Cellular System", Seunghun Yu; Jeongwan Koh; Joonhyuk Kang
  • "Estimating the Distance Between Macro Base Station and Users in Heterogeneous Networks", Lin Zhang; Wenli Zhou; WanBin Tang; Gang Wu; Zhi Chen

Wireless Communications: Fundamentals and PHY (II)

14:00-15:30, Room Virginia City, Session Chair: Huan Nguyen

  • "Experimental Evaluation on 5G Radio Access Employing Multi-user MIMO at 15 GHz Band", Kiichi Tateishi; Daisuke Kurita; Atsushi Harada; Yoshihisa Kishiyama; Shoji Itoh; Hideshi Murai; Arne Simonsson; Peter Ökvist
  • "Hybrid Digital-Analog Source and Channel Coding with Adaptation", Minh-Quang Nguyen; Hang Nguyen; Eric Renault; Yusheng Ji
  • "Improved Link Adaptation using Truncated Channel Inversion for MU-MIMO Systems", Gibum Kim; Myeungsuk Oh; Hyuncheol Park
  • "On Generalized Spatial Modulation for Multiuser Wireless Communications", Christopher Downey; Sandeep Narayanan; Mark F. Flanagan

Wireless Communications: Fundamentals and PHY (III)

16:00-18:00, Room Virginia City, Session Chair: Joonhyuk Kang

  • "Online Mobile User Speed Estimation: Performance and Tradeoff Considerations", Majed Haddad; Dalia Georgiana Herculea; Chung Shue Chen; Eitan Altman; Veronique Capdevielle
  • "Performance Analysis of Multiuser Detection and Decoding for Subcarrier Hopping Multiple Access", Yuta Hori; Hideki Ochiai
  • "Physical-Layer Security Enhancement via Power Allocation between Pilot and Data Jamming", Sungjun Ahn; Seungjae Jung; Wonju Lee; Joonhyuk Kang
  • "Random Cognitive Radio Network Performance in Rayleigh-Lognormal Environment", Saifur Rahman Sabuj; Masanori Hamamura
  • "Successive Bandwidth Division NOMA Systems: Uplink Power Allocation with Proportional Fairness", Soma Qureshi; Syed Ali Hassan; Dushantha Nalin K. Jayakody

Mini-Conference / Work-in-Progress (V)

10:00-12:00, Room Carson City I, Session Chair: Joonhyuk Kang

  • "User Selection for Multi-User mmWave Systems with Phased-Zero-Forcing Hybrid Precoder", Seongbae Jun; Donggu Kim; Joonhyuk Kang
  • "A Fully Distributed Satisfactory Power Control for QoS Self-Provisioning in 5G Networks", Hajar El Hammouti; Essaid Sabir; Hamidou Tembine
  • "Semantic Edge Caching and Prefetching in 5G", Can Mehteroğlu; Yunus Durmuş; Ertan Onur
  • "Real-Time Pricing for On-Demand Bandwidth Reservation in SDN-Enabled Networks", Bo Gu; Mianxiong Dong; Cheng Zhang; Zhi Liu; Yoshiaki Tanaka

Mini-Conference / Work-in-Progress (VI)

16:00-18:00, Room Carson City I, Session Chair: Ben Lee

  • "QoE and Energy Consumption Evaluation of Adaptive Video Streaming on Mobile Device", Charles Moreira; Artur de Carvalho; Demetrio Borges; Newton Barbosa; Jonas Pontes; Eduardo Tavares
  • "Green Video Delivery System using Moving Route Navigation and Playout Buffer Control", Sakiko Takenaka; Kenji Kanai; Jiro Katto; Tutomu Murase
  • "Improved Video Throughput and Reduced Gaming Delay in WLAN Through Seamless SDN-Based Traffic Steering", Wei Guo; Veeramani Mahendran; Sridhar Radhakrishnan
  • "Analysis of Optimum Substream Lengths for Dual TCP/UDP Streaming of HD H.264 Video Over Congested WLANs", Arul Dhamodaran; Kevin Gatimu; Ben Lee
  • "Bio-inspired Bandwidth Packing", Talha Koruk; Ertan Onur

Mini-Conference / Work-in-Progress (VII)

10:00-12:00, Room Carson City II, Session Chair: Armir Bujari

  • "SDN@Play: A Multicast Rate Adaptation Mechanism for IEEE 802.11 WLANs", Estefania Coronado Calero; Roberto Riggio; José Villalón; Antonio Garrido
  • "Access Point Virtualization for Multiple Services in Heterogeneous WLANs", Kazuki Ginnan; Keita Kawano; Kazuhiko Kinoshita; Takashi Watanabe
  • "Power-Saving for Wireless Stations using RTS/CTS Handshake and Burst Transmission in Wireless LANs", Kohei Omori; Yosuke Tanigawa; Hideki Tode
  • "A Centralized Approach for Setting Floating Content Parameters in VANETs", Antonio Di Maio; Ridha Soua; Maria Rita Palattella; Thomas Engel; Gianluca A. Rizzo
  • "Network Traffic Analysis of the Steam Game System", Armir Bujari; Giacomo Quadrio; Claudio E. Palazzi; Daniele Ronzani; Dario Maggiorini; Laura Anna Ripamonti

Mini-Conference / Work-in-Progress (VIII)

16:00-18:00, Room Carson City II, Session Chair: Armir Bujari

  • "Home-to-Home Communications for Smart Community with Internet of Things", Jinsoo Han; Wan-Ki Park; Il-Woo Lee; Hak-Gyun Roh; Sang-Ha Kim
  • "A Sensing-as-a-Service Context-Aware System for Internet of Things Environments", Everton de Matos; Leonardo Albernaz Amaral; Ramão Tiago Tiburski; Matheus Schenfeld; Fabiano Hessel; Dario de Azevedo
  • "An Efficient Computation Offloading Architecture for the Internet of Things (IoT) Devices", Raj Shukla; Arslan Munir
  • "An Asymmetrical Nash Bargaining for Adaptive and Automated Context Negotiation in Pervasive Environments", Routaib Hayat; Elarbi Badidi; Essaid Sabir
  • "Supporting Distributed Real-Time Debugging in Online Games", Dario Festa; Dario Maggiorini; Laura Anna Ripamonti; Armir Bujari