Poster Presentation Instructions

One board for each poster will be available, big enough to hold a Vertical/Portrait poster. A0 size is suggested (A0 size poster measures: 841mm width x 1189mm height.)

Presenters can set up their posters the morning of their poster presentation (Monday or Tuesday). The posters are expected to remain until after the poster session ends, and request that presenters remove their posters by the end of the day.


Monday, January 9, 2017

  • "A Fast And Loop-Free Update Mechanism in Software Defined Networking", Tao Liu; Wendong Wang; Gong Xiangyang; Xirong Que; Shiduan Cheng
  • "A New Advantage Distillation Scheme Over MIMO Wiretap Channels Based on Feedback Bits", Yuwen Cao; Xueqin Jiang; Miaowen Wen; Bai Enjian; Yun Wu; Jun Li
  • "A Nimble Decompression Algorithm for ZigBee Firmware Update in Smart Home Environment", Tuo Feng; Kun Yang
  • "A Novel Cleaning Approach of Environmental Sensing Data Streams", Samia Tasnim; Niki Pissinou; Sitharama Iyengar
  • "A Novel Pricing Policy for G2V and V2G services", Djabir Abd Eldjalil Chekired; Dhaou Said; Lyes Khoukhi; Hussein Mouftah
  • "A transmission protocol for fully automated valet parking using DSRC", Bernd Schäufele; Daniel Becker; Oliver Sawade; Ilja Radusch
  • "Adaptive Sphere Decoder for 1-bit ADC MIMO-Constant Envelope Modulation Detection", Ehab Mahmoud Mohamed; Doaa Abdelhameed; Hany S. Hussein
  • "Analysis of the vulnerability of the incumbent frequency to inference attacks in spectrum sharing", Azza Ben Mosbah; Timothy Hall; Michael R. Souryal; Hossam Afifi
  • "Direction-of-Arrival Estimation in Sensor Arrays for Moving Terminals", Dah-Chung Chang; BW Zheng
  • "Enhanced Adaptive Control CRE in Heterogeneous Networks", Sho Nakazawa; Norihiro Naganuma; Hiroyuki Otsuka

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

  • "Geometric Group Key-Sharing Scheme using Euclidean Distance", Jun Hamasaki; Keiichi Iwamura
  • "IoT Security (IoTSec) Considerations, Requirements, and Architectures", Kazem Sohraby; Daniel Minoli; Jacob Kouns
  • "On Data Integrity Attacks Against Optimal Power Flow in Power Grid Systems", Qingyu Yang; Yuanke Liu; Wei Yu; Dou An; Xinyu Yang; Jie Lin
  • "Positioning Noncooperative Receiver Using Full-Duplex Relay Technique", Bo Chang; Chuanxue Jin; Zhi Chen; WanBin Tang; Lin Zhang
  • "Queue management algorithm for multi-terminal and multi-service models of priority", Chunling Liu
  • "Scheduling Aware DRX cycle activation in LTE System", Ramesh Chandran; Gangatharan K
  • "Security Camera Movie and ERP Data Matching System to Prevent Theft", Yoji Yamato; Yoshifumi Fukumoto; Hiroki Kumazaki
  • "Smart Energy Efficient Gateway for Internet of Mobile Things", Igor Tcarenko; Yuxiang Huan; David Juhasz; Amir M. Rahmani; Zhuo Zou; Tomi Westerlund; Pasi Liljeberg; Li-Rong Zheng; Hannu Tenhunen
  • "Time Synchronization for SHCS-MAC based Multi-hop Cognitive Radio Networks", Jaeho Ahn; Kiwoong Kwon; Mijeong Hoh; Daeyoung Kim
  • "Using Deep Learning for Alcohol Consumption Recognition", Joseph Bernstein; Brandon Mendez; Peng Sun; Yang Liu; Yi Shang
  • "Using Network Traffic to Infer Compromised Neighbors in Wireless Sensor Nodes", Jayanarayan Chandramouli; Juan Ramos; Lakshmi Srinivasan; Prahlad Suresh; Prashanth Kannan; Garth V Crosby; Lanier Watkins